Gentle and Credible Method

Our projects are gently created by artisan’s hands with credible methods.


Things to wear, things to use, things to decorate
To create what we think "I like".

I give shape to my image through my hands.

I work with my hands day by day to see
how far I can improve the precision of my work.
I accumulate sensations that can only be obtained
by facing the materials.

Accumulating ideas that arise by chance
I believe that "I like it" exists beyond that.

I think that our predecessors must have thought
in a similar way.
Every time I see something that will never fade away,
I feel it.

We face things in our own unique way
We face things in our own unique and thoughtful way.
Believing that this is where we are connected.

We wriggle our hands until we are satisfied
It is our way of thinking about manufacturing.

What We Do

"Things" will be created in a community where efficiency and division of labor are progressing, technologies specialized for one process are refined, and each technology is brought together.

Starting from jewelry production, we have worked on various things such as metal processing, ceramics, sewn products, wood products, etc., and by seeing the site, I felt the possibility of "creating across manufacturing techniques from a craftsman's perspective." I did.

There are more options than I expected on the path from planning to product. Thanks to noticing that, I have come to find a new method. Collaboration with a creator who seemed to be an unrelated field at first glance. With such experience, I think our method has been gradually formed. If a new job is born from such activities, I think that I can contribute a little to the manufacturing industry.

I was afraid that people who work mainly on handicrafts would end up in a world where only efficient products could be made. When I see people who are trying to change that situation even a little, we naturally want to think and act.


Proof of Guild started in 2002 as a bespoke jewelry and flower shop. Just as the place where creators and tellers gathered became the etymology of [GUILD], we have been working to create our own "place". The shop "SUI by PROOF OF GUILD", which opened in March 2021, is a place for new expression, focusing on original items, experimentally made ones, and the creators and backgrounds involved in the production. A space to convey. The 2nd floor of the store has a custom-made jewelry shop and a workshop, and is engaged in jewelry remodeling, mainly bridal rings.

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